Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 The kids are growing, gray hairs are showing; Things are always changing and life is racing... But, you can always look at your photographs and laugh or cry.

No hay nada mejor que ver fotos en familia, las fotos son las mejores guías para contar las historias que ya no recordamos o de las que siempre hablamos. Amo tomar fotos que sé estarán el los álbumes familiares, los novios, los matrimonios, las embarazadas, los bebés, los niños y las familias, saber que serán parte de sus vidas por muchísimo tiempo me motiva a ser cada día mejor fotógrafa. 

Our family recently had photos taken by Sandra REDS Photography. I can only hope every family has the opportunity to enjoy an experience like this. The photos were not only beautiful but reflected the comfortable, dynamic environment Sandra and Tim created for us: one in which our joy as a family was captured in pictures. These are more than photos; they are forever memories of happiness, play, laughter and the gift of being together. They have instantly become family treasures.